Whether it is the end of term, end of year or mid-year holidays, the months of January and February represent for many Colombian students, schools or universities. It’s back to school time.


That’s why the technology portal ‘SeTechNota’ has launched a list of tips that will allow you to optimize your PC. Maximize your capacity without big expenses. These tips are based on recommendations from Kingston Technology.

“With simple hardware upgrades and some practical tips, it is possible to transform the computing experience and make a difference in productivity during back to school,” said Juan José Sandoval, Country Manager for Kingston Technology in Colombia for ‘SeTechNota’. “Our tips are designed to supercharge today’s computers, delivering improved performance and a smoother work experience.”

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Switching to Solid State Drive (SSD), much faster and more reliable than a traditional hard driveis one of the most effective methods to increase the performance of a computer. This will increase the speed of transferring files, starting the operating system and opening programs. If your computer already has an SSD, it is recommended to check its status and maintain it periodically.

Increase your device’s RAM memory It will allow you to perform more tasks simultaneously and also carry out day-to-day chores more easily.. Most computer manufacturers allow their users to add an additional RAM card to the motherboard. Check compatibility on the brand’s official channels.

Often, users carelessly install programs or download files for one-time use and never open them again. Not only does this take up storage space, but it can also slow down your computer and cause your computer to run tasks in the background without you realizing it. Take advantage of the last days of vacation to delete all the programs and files you no longer need.

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With operating system updates, developers keep their devices running, fix bugs, add new functionality, and protect themselves from high virus exposure caused by constant internet connection. Failure to keep up to date means an unnecessary risk to the health of the equipment and a possible reduction in functionality..

If you follow these tips, your computer will be effectively optimized to prepare for back-to-school and study needs without having to replace equipment or spend ridiculous amounts of money on upgrades.


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