Instagram users in Spain experienced a surprising deletion of their posts. despite not violating the platform’s regulations.


Complaints focused on the removal of images that fully complied with Instagram’s rules.

The decision is not limited to a specific account type; Both personal and business profiles were affected. The deleted posts showed no signs of violating the rules set by the social network.

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Given this scenario, Meta spokesperson Daniel Chalmeta intervened to calm concerns. Via the Threads account, affected users were reassured that the company was aware of the issue and was actively working on a solution.

“If you’re getting notifications that your content has been removed/violates policies, don’t worry. We’re working on it!” Chalmeta said he tried to reassure the affected community while seeking a solution to the decision.

Instagram introduces a new feature to improve time management among young users. The main feature is an automatic alert that is activated by the app itself and shown to teens. those who spend more than ten minutes on reels or private messages throughout the night.

This warning, which cannot be changed by users, is presented full screen with a dark background and encourages young people to consider closing the application by stating that it is “late”.

The aim is to encourage greater awareness of prolonged use of Instagram, especially among those who do not use pre-existing pause reminders such as ‘Take a break’.

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Instagram also gives teens and their parents multiple options to control time spent on the app. Parents have the ability to set daily time limits and take breaks using parental controls.

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