The percentage of denials of American tourist visas to Russians in 2023 increased to 39.49%, writes Vedomosti citing data from the US State Department. A year before they were 26.18%. At the same time, the total number of visas issued increased from 29.9 thousand to 54.4 thousand.

Ratio of US to Russian tourist visa denials in 2023 rose to nearly 40%

The increase in failure rates may be due to several factors. In particular, the American consulate in Moscow issues visas only in emergency cases, said Varvara Latyntseva, commercial director of immigration company Second Wind. Russians have to contact American diplomatic missions in other countries, which reduces the chances of visa approval.

In the world as a whole, Qatar has the lowest US visa denial rate: 2.53%, Uruguay and the Solomon Islands, 3.21% each. Also on this list are Israel (3.3%), Kuwait (3.96%), the United Arab Emirates (4.18%) and Luxembourg (4.22%).

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Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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