Stephen King’s work is a pop culture phenomenon. He is one of the writers with the largest volume of literary material published each year and boasts a large number of film and television adaptations that are only growing. But in 2023, both achievements hit a new record. With seven new Stephen King adaptations streaming and television, number of productions based on writer’s imagination exceed 314.

This is a series of adaptations that it is unlikely that another author will be able to achieve in the near future. Especially since Stephen King has revealed that he is currently working on two new books that will also be adapted. But in addition, he collaborates on productions based on the multiverse set between several of his most famous stories.

upcoming series The Dark Tower, signed by Mike Flanagan for Amazon Prime Video, will attempt to fully illuminate King’s world and delve into the many connections between his stories and novels. The author takes an active part in writing the script and selecting the material that will be released on the screen.

But while the ambitious project is crystallizing, seven adaptations will be released in 2023. from little known stories and in a curious cycle, in second editions of various narratives. A completely new look at the writer’s prolific work and his obsessions.

boogeyman (Coconut), adapted from a 1978 Stephen King short story.

The story of a man who is stubbornly pursued by a faceless monster. the draft almost abandoned by Stephen King. For the writer, it was a cliché theme that kept the horror from getting too deep. But after a night of nightmares, he got the final version. Finally, the story will become part of the compilation. Threshold of the nighthit bookstores in the late 1970s.

The film will be directed by Rob Savage, and the setting will be more ambitious. The argument will include a brief allusion to the creature’s origin as well as its nature. The script will be written by four hands Mark Heyman, Scott Beck, Bryan Woods and Akela Cooper, the latest hit writer. M3GAN. The series will release on the HULU platform sometime in 2023 and has been described as a mixture of folk horror and fantasy.

Salem Lot (The Secret of Salem Lot), a novel published in 1975.

After successfully adapting Carrie, Stephen King decided to write what he called “the great American horror story”. It was an attempt to give the genre some literary respectability in the American academic world. However, the first attempt was the same author called “copy” Dracula Bram Stoker. For several months, he sought to give his story originality. In addition to the unsettling atmosphere of the vampire myth, this time conceived as a large-scale infection devastating a small town.

The first film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel was released in 1979, and a sequel in 1987 had little success. remake Written and directed by Gary Dauberman, known for his collaborations with James Wan. The play has faced all sorts of problems, including the end of the pandemic, which has caused a significant delay in the premiere. Although there is still no official date for its release in theaters, it is expected to happen in October of that year.

prequel to Pet cemeteryadaptation by Stephen King with previously unreleased material

In 1980, Stephen King’s daughter’s cat was hit by a truck. The writer became obsessed with what happened and began to write about it. However, what was originally a reflection on parental fears became a tale of loss wrapped in a supernatural environment. By the time the manuscript was completed, he found it so depressing that he decided not to publish it.

But in 1983, he had to release a new book due to the demands of his publishing contract. With no immediate alternatives, he dusted off the discarded draft. He revised several scenes, added a harsher ending, and removed it. The result is one of the most disturbing works in his long collection.

As expected, a similar package made its way to the big screen. In 1989, the adaptation of Stephen King, directed by Mary Lambert, frightened and puzzled the audience. The director not only dared to include the disturbing childhood death described in his pages. At the same time, he was thinking about a duel with very rare rudeness in horror movies. A cult classic, the production had a sequel in 1992, also with Lambert at the helm, but without much success.

In 2019, the novel returned to cinema under the direction of Kevin Kölschu and Dennis Wiedmeier. With major story changes, it received mixed reviews and underperforming at the box office. But that didn’t stop us from announcing a prequel in 2021 that would go straight into the Paramount+ catalog. It will explore the myth of the Wendigo and the origin of the sinister place described in the novel. Although he does not enter the writers’ room, Stephen King has given his approval to adapt the story. The project does not have a release date, but will most likely appear on a Halloween subscription service.

Buick 8 (Buick 8: angry car), based on a novel published in 2002.

Buik 8, adaptation of Stephen King

The story is the second time King tells the story of a car possessed by evil forces. Much more explicit and bloody than Christine, is considered its spiritual continuation. In 2005, it was announced that George A. Romero would direct the film adaptation of Stephen King. However, the project ended up disappearing due to pressure on his creative approach. The director insisted on a version that included scenes blood and sexual connotations.

However, two years later, Tobe Hopper resumed the project, this time without content restrictions. But due to financial problems, the shooting was stopped. Finally, in 2019, the story of the evil machine is once again an interesting production. Filming is rumored to be underway and directed by Jim Mickle to make it into the Prime Video catalogue. This could be a big surprise for autumn on the platform.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon), a 1999 adaptation by Stephen King.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is an adaptation by Stephen King.

One of Stephen King’s little-known books has also gone through a long adaptation process that could wrap up this year. The story, which combines fantasy, suspense, and survival exploration, has the odd aspect of a sinister anecdote. A girl lost in the woods imagines that her favorite sportsman is coming to her rescue. However, everything that happens is more sinister and claustrophobic. Much of what is happening tends to the realm of surrealism. It’s really impossible to know if what is being told is happening to the character or if it’s just a dream.

Be that as it may, this unusual argument was also in the hands of George A. Romero, who again failed to carry out the project. In 2019, the production finally took off, and the following year it was announced that Lynn Ramsey would be directing. Since then, there has been news of his recording beginning in the middle of the intermission due to the pandemic emergency. The most recent update indicates that Netflix may be adding this Stephen King adaptation to its catalog for year-end releases.

Confessions of Becky Paulson (revelations), a short story published in Rolling Stone magazine in 1984.

The story has gone through several reimaginings since its publication in the 1980s. What started as a 20-page whimsical narrative became part of a novel. Tommyknockers in 1987. And in one version, and in another, the package is especially unique. The main character, Becca, is shot in the head, which does not kill her, but gives her psychic powers. The most inexplicable will be the ability to listen to Jesus Christ (at least, the character thinks so), who tells him some of the darkest secrets of his acquaintances.

Such a plot is, of course, film and television material. In fact, in 1995, a film adaptation of this story by Stephen King was made as part of the famous series Beyond the limits. The chapter struck, transferring to dark places the premise of the predatory instinct of man.

The film is currently titled revelations is in production for K.V.. The idea behind the Stephen King adaptation project is to pair the dark tone of the story with the violence of the subsequent television production. However, after the announcement of its development, it only becomes clear that it will be released sometime in 2023.

long walk (Long way), a film adaptation of a novel published in 1979 by Stephen King under the pseudonym

The Long Walk, adaptation of Stephen King

Since there seems to be no limit to Stephen King’s creativity, this year will also see the release of a film adaptation of the dystopia he wrote under his pseudonym Richard Bachmann. The narrative, set in the relatively near future, deals with a totalitarian state that hosts sadistic competitions every year. Competitors must cover long distances at a minimum speed that can never slow down. If this happens three times, they will be executed. The winner, of course, is the one who survives such a test without dying of exhaustion or among the sinister traps that will meet him on the way.

With more than obvious resemblance to The Hunger Games, this possible Stephen King adaptation went through several production companies during the rise of the saga. But, in the end, interest faded, and he turned out to be part of abandoned projects. paramount.

However, in 2019 Cinema New Line announced that he would take it up again under director André Øvredal. Although this is another production based on the work of Stephen King, about which little is known. Only that it will be released in the last months of the year.

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