Residents of the village of Buenavista in Villavicencio mourn their deaths María Natividad Flórez and Adela Romero Mayorga, The officials of that capital have magnifying glasses in their hands reasons for the tragic accident Traffic shocking the city. Equal, It is already known that the person accused of driving the damaged vehicle is a police officer.

The accident occurred on Monday night, January 29, when the driver of a vehicle crashed. Kia Sportage truck, of plates EIR-917The vehicle lost control and had a serious accident bakery and supermarket From Buenavista.

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EL TIEMPO determined who will be the person alleged to be the driver of the vehicle collided with commercial buildings in the sector.

According to information received from the police, the incident occurred near the facility. old Via al LlanoThe white car approached two businesses at high speed and crashed into one of the walls in the area.

According to the statements of eyewitnesses of the accident, the truck Villavicencio He made a way. The driver was not seriously injured.

Possible causes of the serious accident have not yet been determined. However, local residents stated that the person responsible could be found. state of intoxication.

The luxury truck involved in the accident is a vehicle. Kia from the new Sportage LX serieswith plates EIR-917. The identity of the owner of the 2018 model vehicle in question has been revealed. Owner Juan Arley Romero Barbosa appears as In the Single National Transit Register (Runt).

This man is registered in the Traffic Violation Fines and Penalties Integrated Information System (Simit). The driver allegedly responsible for the accident It occurred in Villavicencio.

In the report dated January 30, I compare by Juan Arley Romero Driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances. The value of the penalty was 90 current minimum wage, that is, 6,870,240 Colombian pesos.

The report of the national organization, which EL TIEMPO learned, also states that the penalty was committed at around 02:00 on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, at the 90+600 kilometer of the old Bogota-Villavicencio road.

Sources confirmed to TIEMPO: Romero Barbosa is part of the Meta Transit Division.

The results of a blood sample taken Tuesday morning are expected to determine whether the driver was driving under the influence.

The fatal victims are identified as follows: María Adela Romero Mayorga, The vehicle was waiting at the scene with his 74-year-old grandson. The other woman who died was Maria Natividad Espinosa, The leader of the Buenavista sector, who was in the affected bakery with her husband.

According to initial information from the authorities, at least 4 people were injured. Those affected were identified as follows: José Augusto Romero; Alexander Romero, Karen Alejandra Quevedo and Luis Enrique Gómez, Those receiving treatment at the Villavicencio Regional Hospital and the Servimedicos Clinic.

Laura Nathalia Quintero Ariza.
Latest News Editorial.
El Tiempo School of Multimedia Journalism.

Source: Exame

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