Platform move clumsilyFacebook, one of the most well-known in the world and in Colombia, announced that a new feature has been introduced in its dating and friend applications. fraud, spam and scams.

About ‘Deception Detector’, A platform that uses artificial intelligence to detect fake profiles and take action before they contact users. “Creating friendly, secure, and authentic connections has emerged as a priority for a decade,” the company notes.

A Bumble survey conducted in the second half of 2023 found that users of the platform stated that their main concern when using the platform was related to the risks of fraud and fake profiles, and 46 percent of women surveyed said they were worried about the authenticity of their connections on dating apps.

According to Bumble data, after the first two months of the new tool being available, 45 percent decrease in fake accounts.

What the company offers is a “based model” machine learning‘ To evaluate the authenticity of profiles and connections on Bumble.” With the function, common patterns of accounts changing and blocking safe conditions are identified. The evaluation is supported by human support.

This is in addition to previous ones that the platform offers with artificial intelligence, such as ‘Custom Detector’, which detects and blurs nude images, and ‘Best Bees’, an algorithm that recommends links based on user preferences.

“In recent years the online environment has evolved significantly and We’re seeing a growing concern for originality. Bumble Inc. was founded to build equal relationships and empower women to take the first step, and Deception Detector is our latest innovation as part of our ongoing commitment to our community. Help ensure that links made in our apps are genuine” said Lidiane Jones, CEO of Bumble Inc., in a statement.

This functionality is available on Bumble, Badoo, and Bumble For Friends, according to the company.


Source: Exame

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