Nequi, a 100 percent digital financial platform, cements itself as a popular option Among users who prefer to manage their money without having to open a traditional bank account.


Once the account is created, users can perform various financial transactions such as sending, receiving, organizing and saving money, as well as requesting a loan, paying bills and recharging their mobile phones.

According to Decree No. 2642 dated 2022 and the Tax Value Unit (UVT) regulations established as 47,065 US Dollars pesos for 2024, Nequi has set a maximum monthly usage limit of $9,907,182, which is equivalent to 210.50 UVT. This limit responds to the legal obligations that the platform must comply with.

Additionally, users whose Nequi accounts are subject to caps must pay a 4×1,000 tax when making transactions exceeding $3,059,225 per month. This tax applies from 65 UVT onwards, i.e. when the above mentioned amount is exceeded.

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For Nequi accounts with no cap, which work like traditional savings accounts, this tax applies only when you exceed $16,472,750 per month. It is important to note that according to Colombian legislation each person can only have one account exempt from this tax.

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Finally, interest withholding tax for 2024 remains at 7 percent. The interest base on which withholding tax will begin is 0.055 UVT per day; This means that returns must be more than 2,588 pesos per day to be subject to such withholding tax.

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This content was rewritten with the help of artificial intelligence based on information received from Nequi and reviewed by the journalist and an editor.

Source: Exame

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