Microsoft took one step forward in its constant search improve user experienceThis time there is a revolutionary feature in the popular Windows Notepad.

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This new tool, called ‘Explain with Copilot’, uses Copilot AI’s advanced Artificial Intelligence to provide detailed explanations of selected content in documents.

The feature is for users of the Windows Insiders program. allows explanations over any highlighted content type in Notepad.

Whether it’s a text snippet, code snippets, or even log files, ‘Explain with Copilot’ is designed to provide quick and effective understanding of the material.

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According to Microsoft’s official blog post, the latest Windows Notepad update (version 11.2401.25.0) is now available. Includes this functionality available to users on Canary and Dev channels.

To access this feature, highlight the text you want, right-click and select ‘Annotate with Copilot’ from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively you can use the ‘shortcut’Ctrl + E‘. Once enabled, Copilot AI will provide a detailed description of the selected topic.

However, it is important to note that although this feature is available on devices with Copilot on Windows, Microsoft warns of existence of a known issue This may temporarily affect some users’ access to this tool.

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In addition to this exciting addition to Notepad, Microsoft also announced an update to another of its popular tools, the Snipping Tool.

With version 11.2401.32.0, which is also available to Insiders on the Canary and Dev channels, users now have the opportunity to add content. Gives shape to screenshots.

This includes rectangles, ovals, lines and arrows, which provide greater versatility when taking screenshots and highlighting important elements. With this new feature, simply select the shape you want in the toolbar and drag it over the captured image to add it.

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You also have the opportunity to customize the fill and outline color of the shape, making it even easier to distinguish the shape. items highlighted in the screenshot.

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