Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s visionary CEO, Impressions after testing the innovative Apple Vision Proreveals both his surprises and criticisms of the product.


In an age where technology is constantly evolving, competition between giants like Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook) is intensifying, and every new venture into the market is meticulously scrutinized by experts and users alike.

Zuckerberg, who has a leading role in the evolution of extended reality offered a unique perspective on the latest Apple news.

Since its launch June 2023 Apple Vision Pro, which went on sale in America on February 2 with a price starting from $ 3,499, created serious expectations among technology enthusiasts.

These mixed reality glasses Powered by Apple’s VisionOSIt promises an immersive and revolutionary experience that combines elements of the virtual world and the real world.


However, Zuckerberg shared his impressions after testing Vision Pro: offer a comparison with your company’s flagship productMeta Quest 3.

Meta CEO noted the impressive resolution of the displays in a post on social networks and Vision Pro eye tracking technologyHe states that it is quite effective. However, he stated that this feature is not exclusive to Apple and said, “Actually, those sensors were also in the Quest Pro, we removed them from the Quest 3 and will bring them back in the future.”

On the other hand, he emphasized that: Apple glasses create blur during user movement and noted: “The Vision Pro has higher resolution, but the Quest 3’s brightness and sharpness are superior.”

He also highlighted the additional weight of the Vision Pro and criticized the apparent lack of ergonomics and comfort Compared to its meta counterpart.

As for hand tracking, Zuckerberg praised the accuracy of the Quest 3’s controllers, saying they were “great for gaming.” Although both platforms integrate hand tracking technology, Meta’s CEO suggested: the implementation in your viewer is slightly more precise than Apple’s.

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One of Zuckerberg’s observations focuses on the Vision Pro’s user interface. “sweet”but it’s not ideal for complex tasks like typing that may require the proximity of an additional keyboard or controller.

This comment highlights an important consideration for consumers seeking comfort and ease of use in mixed reality devices.

On the other hand, Meta CEO highlights depth of content library available for Quest 3It highlights Meta’s collaboration with virtual and mixed reality game developers and studios.

This wide range of content, combined with a much lower price than the Vision Pro, strengthens Zuckerberg’s claim for the Quest 3. “It’s better for most of the things people use VR for.” Compared to Apple product.

The businessman also touched on the reactions of some of his followers to doubts about Apple’s leadership in this new category. “I know some fans get upset when someone dares to question whether Apple can lead in a new category.”Zuckerberg’s comment is as follows:

But he argues that the history of computation shows that both explicit and implicit models can be valid at different times. Although it was a closed model in the past Apple triumphs in mobileZuckerberg firmly believes that in the next generation, the open model represented by Meta will be the way forward.

“I want to make sure the open model wins again”Zuckerberg emphasized.

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Finally, Zuckerberg reflected the market’s perception of valueHe notes that many people assume that a more expensive product automatically equals higher quality.

He disputed the notion that Apple had secured its leading position in the headphone market, arguing: The future of the industry has not yet been written.

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