When it comes to searching for a music video, internet users often turn to the YouTube platform. because artists upload their videos to their profiles, so their followers are informed about the developments.

Likewise, when you want to listen to the songs of your favorite artists at home or at work, you go to this portal but when you don’t have an account prize, Ads pop up all the time and get interrupted playlist.

To prevent this from happening, the platform offers to subscribe to the option prize and here we will tell you what the benefits of this alternative are and what is not so good.

Many platforms, especially music videos and podcasts, have implemented ‘ad-free’ services, However, due to cost, this option is not offered to many users. what does it mean?

When it comes to YouTube, the platform has implemented YouTube Music and YouTube TV for those who want a more complete experience.

YouTube Premium It is a subscription service that includes several additional functions to the normal portal and is not limited to just music, but also covers different types of videos according to the user’s interests and most importantly, it will not be paused due to ads.

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There are three options with which you can subscribe to this service:

Once you sign up YouTube premium You will be able to enjoy a complete video library with more than 1.3 billion videos, including educational, gaming, music, among others. YouTube original content, ad-free viewing, Youtube musicthe option to continue listening to what you want even if your phone is locked and you view the content offline.

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Among the disadvantages of the application, if you want to be on the platform only for music content and you have already concluded a service contract for this, it is better not to do this, because on other platforms Spotify and Apple Music You’ll also find videos of your favorite artists.

For the same reason, if you have profiles that offer movies and TV series like Netflix, HBO Max, etc., you don’t need to pay for an additional service to watch specific productions that interest you.


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