Togliatti State University students have developed an ultrasonic tool to replace surgical saws and drills during joint replacement operations.

The instruments currently used in arthroplasty can damage the tissues near the joint being replaced, prolonging the rehabilitation period.

The complex, developed by Russian specialists, consists of an ultrasonic generator and a manual device. The waveguide works like a small hammer that strikes the surface of a bone or biopolymer 22,000 times per second.

Only the effect on the bone in the contact zone makes it possible to reduce the trauma of operations when using the complex. Depending on the operation performed, the device either cuts the bone or slams into it, clearing the channels.

Not differing in functionality, the complex is much cheaper than foreign analogues. One of the developers, a second-year graduate student at TSU Nikolai Spiridonov, emphasized that the market value of domestic devices will be five to seven times lower if they cost ten to 15 million rubles.

Source: Ferra

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