With the development of technology, there are more developments and updates in devices every day. An example of this is smart rings. Wearable devices are currently geared towards health and fitness.

Although they appeared on the market relatively ten years ago and their rise has been slow, it is known that Apple and Samsung They are working on the implementation of their technology in such mechanisms.

If so, it’s likely that the device will become better known and its usage will increase even among the most fans of the two companies. because it will have similar functions to a smartwatch, but in a smaller version.

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Those currently interested in this device can find similar versions on the market under the brands ‘Oura’, ‘Movado’, ‘McLear’ and ‘Go to Sleep Ring’, among other references.

These rings can integrate various technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, and sensors to offer a variety of useful functions on a daily basis, mostly aimed at tracking sleep and movement such as steps taken, distances traveled, and calories burned with a finger.

This is confirmed on ‘Oura’ official website: “Smart ring allows you to monitor sleep, physical activity, heart rate, etc. or blood oxygen level helps you improve your health day by day.

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The device, made of titanium, preserves its technology when in contact with any surface, It even takes electronic payments and is water resistant without being bulky or heavy.

Its advantages include the fact that the screen is disconnected, that is, notifications that interrupt your activities are not displayed on its edges, since the ring performs its function without distracting you. If you want to look at the recorded data, just open the app.

As we mentioned above, the devices have NFC technology, Bluetooth chip, battery, microcontroller and light indicator. which allows you to create and maintain synchronization with your phone through its own application, with which you can keep track of your readings.According to ‘Computer Today’.



Source: Exame

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