It goes without saying that eating is one of the basic activities that humans and all living things do to survive.


But cooking is not an easy task. Cooking without instructions can be intimidating for any beginner, and getting creative and combining undiscovered flavors often results in unsatisfying mixtures for the experienced few.

Fortunately, technology has brought solutions to the world and Nowadays, there are numerous applications that can teach even the most novice how to prepare different dishes.. Below we present some of the best.

Cookpad is a social network for cooking enthusiasts where people from all over the world share recipes of their original creations, tested and rated by other users. They currently have over 200,000 recipes in their catalogue.

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This app focuses on healthy and easy-to-prepare foods, as the slogan “Eat healthy with what you have” suggests. It contains detailed recipes showing the approximate preparation time, level of difficulty, ingredients for the specific amount desired, and a brief description of the dish.

As the name suggests, this app was developed by the multinational Nestlé, and its catalog includes over 3,000 recipes and all kinds of video recipes made using the products they sell.

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The ‘Delicious’ portal became known through social networks, where they published highly aesthetic videos in which they prepared creative food dishes in 20-30 seconds. They now have an app where they have compiled more than 3,000 of these videos, with step-by-step and detailed explanations for each.


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