Singer Jessi Uribe is known for her appearances on television shows such as ‘La Voz Colombia’ and ‘A Otro Nivel’. competitions that catapulted him to fame and national recognition. His hit songs include ‘La culpa’, ‘Matemos las Ganas’ and ‘Sweet Sin’. The second was commented by a parrot that went viral on social networks.

This became known thanks to the same artist who published the unusual parrot scene. It is called lore, Performing the melody ‘Dulce sin’ from the 2019 album ‘Rep√≠telas’.

Those moments were published on his Instagram account, which has more than 6.6 million followers. In the description he wrote: “The parrot has a sweet sin.”

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The animal is seen on a stick while singing “The heart can’t stop loving for this sweet sin”, the most famous part of the single’s chorus.

The effort made by the bird’s guardian to train it and make it respond by simply saying, “Know, sing.” This scene went viral on social networks, and Paola Jara’s husband did not miss the opportunity to share the story with his fans.

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The images collected more than 35 thousand likes on the social network and received a lot of reactions from Internet users who assured that the bird is a real fan.

“What to expect if the parrot learned this?” “He did so much damage” were some of the reactions.

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As the recording received great attention, many people were amazed by the sound-producing abilities of these animals. According to veterinary expert sites, the reason they talk is thanks to their own vocal organs, the syrinx.

It also makes it possible to copy sentences and songs by providing a brain structure equipped with areas for imitating voices and voices.

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Camila Sanchez Fajardo

Source: Exame

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