The cleaning staff were outside in one of the areas of London, working on strange-looking computers. In most cases, this was approved by computers with two Q1 stars, of which there are only three readable in the world. Workers do not need to identify themselves, do not provide covers that computers may have special value. All experiences are the best, most popular networks – these are both finds that continue to be recycled.

1st quarter PC

The company’s Q1 was released in 1972. These include integrated monocrystalline microprocessors and neon orange graphics. The machines use Intel 8008 chip with a peak size of 800 kg. The analog chip was allocated in the American SCELBI, French Micral N and MCM/70, which were launched in the phone. There are no examples of Q1 in the UK.

1st quarter PC

Brendan O’Shea, director of Just Clear, noted that his employees often find items of significant historical significance. Both q1 are sold through the auction and to private collectors. Similar to 1979. The same PC costs $20,500. In the most recent cases, the figure was estimated at 87,000. dollars.

Source: Tech Cult

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