WhatsApp has become the reliable instant messaging application for users around the world. According to ‘What is Big Data’, a statistics website, “As of July 2023, it had approximately 2.78 billion unique active users worldwide. “It reached 2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach 3.14 billion in 2025.”

Although the desktop version does not have many of the updates that the mobile app has, ‘Word Mode’ has recently arrived. We tell you how to use it.

Firstly, Don’t be confused by the name, the use of the word ‘Word’ does not mean that you can use the Microsoft tool in your WhatsApp. Simply put, it is the nickname that Internet users set to refer to functions that can be used in the web version.

Now, You will be able to list and type in bold and italics, among many other text formats, on your WhatsApp Web. This version of the app is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers.

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These are the keys to being able to use different text styles. Note that you have to type these manually.

Underscore, text, underscore.
Example: _WhatsApp_
Conclusion: What’s up

Asterisk, text, asterisk.
Example: *WhatsApp*
Conclusion: What’s up

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Virgililla, text, virgililla.
Example: ~WhatsApp~

A number, period, space, text.

This way when you press ‘enter’ the numbers and spaces will be added automatically.

List 1.
List 2.
List 3.

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There are two options for this text format:
Hyphen, space, text.
Asterisk, space, text.

Similar to a numbered list, bullets and spaces will be added automatically if you follow this code.

What’s up.
* What’s up.
– List.
– List.
– List.

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