In November 2015 Juan Gomez-Jurado published a novel Red Queen. Using the basics of a detective novel, the author managed to turn his work into a world bestseller. The story of Antonia Scott and John Gonzalez has reached more than 3 million readers in dozens of countries. Therefore, the emergence of an audiovisual format was a matter of time. And Amazon Prime Video wanted to take charge of the highly anticipated adaptation, which will premiere on the platform on February 29th as a series.

The plot of the project is the same as in the book. Anthony Scott She is the smartest woman in the world with an IQ of 242. She once worked for the secret police project “Red Queen”.

But something happened that forced her into the hell of her mind and led to absolute isolation. However, one day the son of an important businesswoman is brutally murdered in a grotesque re-enactment. For this reason, the Red Queen organization asks the policeman: John Gonzalezto rehire Scott solve the case and find the killer before he starts acting again.

Amazon Prime Video

Red Queen

The adaptation of the bestselling novel The Red Queen triumphs, offering a highly entertaining series with great pacing and, above all, two characters who are pure dynamite. The chemistry of Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keichkerian enhances the intriguing and well-crafted story of Juan Gomez-Jurado in a project for which Amazon Prime Video spared no resources.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Antonia and John take the leap

The novel had many ingredients that made it so appealing to millions of people around the world. But if there was anything special about it, it was the two main characters. Anthony Scott And John Gonzalez They gave the book all the adventure and, above all, humanity. Therefore, finding two suitable translators seems necessary to carry out Red Queen on the small screen. Fortunately, these actors showed up.

Vicki Luengo And Hovik Keichkerian They were chosen to bring the characters to life. And the result couldn’t have been better. Anyone who has read the books will find their favorite detectives in them. And whoever approaches the plot offers for the first time Gomez-Jurado You will immediately be captivated by their radically opposing yet complementary features. Because the chemistry they emit is unique and irresistible. Laterwho in 2021 impressed with his role in Protective equipment, gets inside Antonia’s complex head. The actress balances restraint and intuitive tension resulting from the heroine’s stress with great ease.

In its turn, Keichkerian shows more layers than ever. Accustomed to very rough roles, his impressive John Gonzalez with a very Basque character suits him perfectly. But it’s in moments of delicacy with Antonia or Amatsu that it really comes off screen. This contradiction in the hero’s way of being is what gives him an exquisite comic appearance. Red Queen. Their scenes lighten things up, and the series moves forward fresh and dynamic from start to finish.

Red Queen

Entertainment for the general public

Because if something has Red Queen This is an exciting series. The narrative thread is constructed coherently and correctly. It all begins surrounded by mystery and doubt. But the accelerator goes deeper and deeper until it reaches a denouement that is pure ecstasy for lovers of mystery stories about entanglements and murders. And this is the best, because it does not pretend to be anything else. The series knows very well what place it should occupy both in the Prime Video catalog and in the playlist of its viewers.

Red Queen This won’t be a life-changing series. But it’s not pretending. The goal is to offer seven episodes that, above all, will be extremely entertaining. The rich universe is represented by secret organizations, gifted and friendly police officers, deranged serial killers (a huge work Nacho Fresneda) and plenty of action on the streets of Madrid. You cannot and should not ask for more. With all this, you just need to press the play button for it to work on its own. The perfect plan for a weekend marathon.

Red Queen

From book to novel

When adapting a novel, comic, or play to audiovisual media, there are many changes to consider. That is why it is very important to find the tone, the essence of the source material and be able to reproduce it, despite all the modifications. This is where the original author usually comes into play. When he participates, the result is almost always satisfactory. Red Queen is no exception, and the care for this literary universe demonstrates painstaking work Gomez-Jurado behind the scenes.

Obviously, not all paper-to-camera transfers were equally successful. Perhaps the main and biggest failure Red Queen Perhaps the dialogues, so interesting in written form, remain too forced and unnatural in spoken form. The way the characters express themselves sounds a little strange and literary, although once you get into the game, your ear quickly gets used to it. The same thing happens with specific scenes that seem spectacular in the book and when viewed, the eyes squeak due to the lack of realism. Clearly there is room for improvement.

But in this case there is also a downside to the coin that can be compensated for. Individual episodes, which in the text may seem banal and sluggish, here acquire greater integrity and firmness. And finally, there is one of the greatest strengths Red Queen: head Anthony Scott. In the novel, his ability to reason is presented in the abstract. But with the images, it takes shape and gives the series its personality. Mental patterns, evil monkeys, omnipotent vision… Everything makes sense and turns the experience into something even more exciting.

Red Queen

Definitely, Red Queen It’s a playful spectacle that’s achieved when all the ingredients of a good story work in unison under the same idea. Tandem Vicki Luengo And Hovik Keichkerian This is a very promising and intriguing detective fable with a very light and moving rhythm. Juan Gomez-Jurado You may be more than pleased with the film adaptation of your favorite novel. And, for sure, he will be looking forward to the opportunity to bring it to the screen. Black Wolf And White King If this series works as it should.

Red Queen It will premiere in full on Amazon Prime Video on February 29th.

Source: Hiper Textual

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