Google Calendar updated to offer widgets on iPhone lock screen

A new widget has been added to iOS 17

Google Calendar now has a lock screen widget

Apple introduced great new features in iOS 14. One of them consists of adding: Widgets on lock screen. A utility that allows iPhone users to quickly browse the highlights of their favorite apps. And now Google Calendar It also has its own widget.

The iOS App Store a wide variety of widgets for the iPhone lock screen. In fact, Google has adapted many of its applications to the widget format, such as Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google News or Google Drive.

The latest arrival is Google Calendar, one of the best calendar apps for iPhone and iPad.

Google Calendar now has its own lock screen widget

Google started a campaign New update in Google Calendar Offering support for three different lock screen widget formats. One of them has a larger size to see all the details about the calendar, a smaller version and a standard format widget for the home screen.

Google Calendar widgets arrive too late, three years after the lock screen widgets feature in iOS 14 officially debuted. But they finally came.

To add a new Google Calendar widget to the lock screen, simply hold your finger on the lock screen, press customize, and press the widget panel located below the date and time. Select Google Calendar and drag your favorite widget.

Apple has continued to improve the operating system’s user interface, and now the iOS 17 lock screen includes widgets in addition to additional layer of customization with very interesting new features that allow users to stylize their iPhone.

Source: i Padizate

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