Surely, when you talk about a string of bad luck in your life, you’ve probably heard the advice to “give yourself a chance.” rue bath”, to clear bad energies.


Beliefs about rue’s medicinal and healing abilities date back to the Middle Ages. In many stories the plant It was used by doctors, healers, wise men and even sorcerers..

Additionally, according to the newspaper ‘Clarín’, Ancient Roman citizens used it to protect themselves from danger. devil eyeand for the Greeks face epidemics and resist body aches. Native Americans thought it had an effect on love and used it in seduction spells.

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These beliefs remain intact to this day and Today the plant is used to ‘wash away’ bad energy, jealousy and possible spells. something that a malicious person infects a person.

The most popular way to purify the body from psoriasis is to take a bath with water infused with the herb. Mexican portal ‘Glamour’ also recommends adding these quotes: rosemaryattracting joy and clarity and basilstriving for cleanliness and attracting wealth.

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And that’s it. According to belief, water will eliminate your bad energy, bad luck and spells cast on you. It is recommended to turn on the shower when you are finished so it all flushes..

You can not only take a bath with this plant, but also plant or clean it at home.

According to the portal ‘Easy Cooking’, the steps to cleanse the house from bad energy misery are:


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