Family, friends and acquaintances were deeply shocked after the tragic incident. Death of Moisés RamosA 21-year-old university student died due to electric shock while connecting his mobile phone.


Local residents reported Strong winds knocked down a Guayacreates instability in the electrical system.

According to the information obtained, Moisés, who was still wet after taking a bath, connected his mobile phone and was subjected to a fatal electric shock, causing his sudden death.

Hearing the screams and noise, his parents went to the room and found their son lifeless.

Since then, the family has lived in pain and sadness, following the dreams of Moses, who was in the early stages of his life. was suddenly cut short.

Magdalena University International Business student Moisés Ramos was also a passionate athlete. dedicated to the gym and surfing.

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His social media posts throughout the day revealed his excitement about exercising with his friends. No one thought that the day trying to charge their mobile phone would end in tragedy.

Roger Urieles
For EL TIEMPO Santa Marta
On X: @rogeruv

Source: Exame

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