Instagram is developing a new feature for its users Find out the location of the nearest people in real time. The function is called Friend Map and is currently in the prototype stage.

This new feature displays a map updated in real time with the geographical location of selected people. In this way It is possible to know which country, city or region some of the people you follow are in your profile.

According to TechCrunchIt has been confirmed by Meta that this new feature is in development. Despite, There is no release date for the entire community yet There are also no plans for the map to become a feature in the app.

Engineer Alessandro Paluzzi managed to take some screenshots of the configuration of this map and published the results on the social network Threads. In the images, it is possible to see what the source can do, as well as some details of its configuration.

Instagram map will have private data

According to Paluzzi’s findings, Friends Map will be optional. Besides, user chooses who can see their location — all contacts, close friends only, or no one.

The map is activated when the user posts something geolocated. This applies to geo-identified photos, videos, Reels or Stories.

Location details are end-to-end encrypted, meaning Instagram does not store such information on its servers. Also, if you wish; It is always possible to hide the last location to prevent any kind of tracking by other people.

Instagram guarantees privacy to users who choose to share their location.

This feature isn’t exactly new. Rival Snapchat was also the original developer of the Stories formathas been using a map for several years to find your contacts.

Alongside the map, Instagram is also testing an “alternative feed”; keep the “B side” of your profile it only targets closer contacts.

Source: Tec Mundo

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