Diagonal. It should be 50−75% of the person’s distance from the screen. For example, if the sofa is two meters away from the TV, its diagonal should ideally be 40-60 inches.

Permission. There are two options: 1080p and 4K. Unless you have a very limited budget (up to 15 thousand rubles), the diagonal is not more than 40 inches and you are not buying a TV for watching TV programs, it is best to buy a model with 4K.

Matrix and screen. In the budget segment, you can choose between matrices such as IPS, VA, QLED. The best thing to get is the VA.

backlight. There are LED technologies such as Direct LED, Edge LED, Mini-LED. Of these, the best choice would be Direct LED.

Connectors and interfaces. Check if your TV has USB, HDMI, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectors.

smart television. Most TVs have their own operating system. There is also Android TV with many different applications.

Remote control. It would be nice if the TV came with a Bluetooth remote control.

Functions. Pay attention to the support of such features as HbbTV (combines traditional television and the Internet on the TV), AirPlay (wireless streaming of content from Apple devices to other devices), Miracast (wireless transmission of sound and image between devices).

Source: Ferra

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