In the digital age, the speed and efficiency of mobile devices are critical to staying connected and productive in many cases.


Cache: A type of storage that saves temporary data from applications and platforms used on mobile phones, Allows websites and applications to load faster.

However, if this data accumulates too much, it may exceed the storage space of the device and affect its speed and performance. Additionally, cached information may be vulnerable to attacks by hackers, increasing security risks for the user.

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On Android devices, this process can be easily done by accessing the three-dot menu in the upper right corner via Google Chrome, By selecting ‘History’ and then ‘Clear browsing data’. It is important to choose a suitable time interval and check the ‘Cached images and files’ box before confirming the action.

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For iOS users, the procedure is similar. When you open Chrome, you should go to ‘More’ at the bottom, tap ‘History’ and then ‘Clear browsing data’. It is very important to ensure that ‘Cookies and site data’ and ‘Cached files and images’ boxes are selected before proceeding with deletion data.

Note that when you clear the cache, some website settings and sign-in options may be reset, and certain content, such as images, may take longer to reload. However, for those signed in to Chrome, this will not affect access to Google sites such as and

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