Vision Pro will be in great demand than Apple expected. Sales of mixed reality glasses – or spatial computer – can reach 250,000 units in the United States. Recent reports suggest that although this figure is better than expected, orders are not improving and interest rates decrease.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who usually has reliable information on Apple, Vision Pro shipments will be between 200,000 and 250,000 units. That’s much better than Cupertino expected, which predicted sales of 150,000 to 200,000 units by 2024. The analyst notes that glasses are still a niche product, and lDemand slows significantly in the US.

“Although Vision Pro sold out after pre-orders opened, demand dropped quickly and has not yet improved,” Kuo said. “Unless Vision Pro comes down in price or has more compelling applications, U.S. shipment growth will be limited.”

The analyst notes that One indicator of falling demand is a reduction in delivery time.. Those who buy the Vision Pro will no longer have to wait as long to receive their glasses as they are delivered within 3 to 5 days. Another figure that also decreased: return percentageone of the controversial topics of recent weeks.

“According to my research of the production, repair and renewal line, Vision Pro’s return rate is less than 1%, and this result is not anomalous,” the analyst said. Kuo adds that 20% to 30% of users who return their Vision Pros do so because they don’t know how to set them up.

Apple is setting the stage for the global launch of Vision Pro

Falling sales of the Vision Pro in the US forced Apple to speed up production for a global launch. Ming-Chi Kuo states that Vision Pro will be available in more countries before WWDC 2024., although it doesn’t say what they will be. The analyst points out that the launch is dependent on software adjustments to comply with regulations in other countries.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is considering launching Vision Pro in the UK and Canada this same year though first on the list is China. The Asian giant will receive the points in April as registration with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is completed. The important detail is that Apple can’t use the Vision Pro brand in Chinabecause it belongs to Huawei.

Kuo mentions that several suppliers have increased their capabilities for produce 700,000 to 800,000 units in 2024. The analyst adds that Apple can produce more production chain friendly version. This overhaul will reduce costs and improve efficiency without impacting the current user experience.

Rumor has it that Apple is also working on cheap Vision Pro that will come with reduced specs. Engineers are considering a lower resolution screen and iPhone processor. Although the price will be affordable, this option will lose some key features of the original.

Source: Hiper Textual

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