He’s wearing a red blouse and blue vest, and he’s from El Buen Pastor prison in Bogota. Carolina Galvan He participated virtually this Tuesday in the hearing against him regarding the disappearance of his daughter Sara Sofia Galván.

While it was possible to observe the woman with different attitudes at the judicial meeting, the prosecutor’s office conveyed the allegations against the woman and the expert judge decided to punish the woman. forced disappearance.


There are still many doubts in the case of little Sara Sofia Galván.He had lost track of him since January 15, 2021, and would have been four years old by then.

The little boy was under his aunt’s care, but one day his mother took him in and from that moment the family’s ordeal began. According to the investigation, Sara Sofía’s whereabouts remain a mystery due to conflicting versions and contradictions about when her mother and romantic partner Nilson Díaz threw her into the river, wrapped in a blanket.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Díaz initially claimed that Sara Sofía was alive, then retracted this claim and provided coordinates for the search for the minor’s body.. Galván Cuesta also changed his version, citing threats from his former partner.

However, after multiple search operations to find his body in the Tunjuelito River, where it was allegedly dumped after he died under strange circumstances, his remains were never found.


Sara Sofia Galván’s mother virtually attended the hearing against her regarding the disappearance of the minor. She was seen on camera wearing a red blouse, a light blue vest and a braided hairstyle. and with over-ear headphones in a room at Good Shepherd prison.

He continued to stare at the computer screen for several minutes, but occasionally looked around or at the floor and was even seen acting as if he were praying or crying, but then laughing.

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Carolina Galván was focused on the screen in the middle of a complete pause, having been disconnected during the third judge’s speech. She could be seen at that moment when He put his hands on his face, closed his eyes, and looked like he was praying.

He remained in this position for a few seconds, finally lowering his face and blowing his nose.

However, it didn’t take long for him to look back at the camera and display an expression that suggested a slight smile on his lips.

It is useful to remember this The woman’s behavior had been condemned in previous hearings. Videos of the judicial proceedings show him grimacing, yawning, yawning and playing with his hair as the prosecutor in the case speaks.

That’s why they even caught her attention: “Miss Carolina, please pay attention, because I’m talking.”


Source: Exame

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