3 reasons to watch the most ambitious original movie on Apple TV+

We recommend a movie directed by Ridley Scott and starring a priceless Joaquin Phoenix.

The big bet of the Apple TV+ catalog

Apple TV+ is becoming one of the best streaming services today. Apple invested a huge amount of money into the offering high quality original content with the best professionals in the film industry. And the movie we recommend today is a clear example of this.

Although Apple’s streaming platform lags behind Netflix and Disney+, it continues to grow at a dizzying pace. More and more movie fans are subscribing to Apple TV+, a service whose strategy focuses on quality, not quantity.

Well-known actors and directors from the film industry have already worked for Apple TV+. Leonardo DiCaprio And Robert De Niro With ‘Moon Killers’ Steven Spielberg With the ‘Masters of the Air’ or the tireless Gary Oldman With ‘Slow Horses’. We hereby invite you to see An authentic audiovisual delight starring Joaquin PhoenixThe actor whose performance in ‘Joker’ amazed the whole world.

‘Napoleon’, lights and shadows in the movie starring Joaquin Phoenix

The movie ‘Napoleon’ has recently become one of the most ambitious claims of Apple TV +. With A budget of around 200 million dollars, is one of the most compelling original films in the catalogue. There are some reasons to enjoy this little masterpiece of cinema.

Amazing and amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix


Joaquin Phoenix plays Napoleon Bonaparte in new Apple TV+ movie

Not to Joaquín, but to good Joaquin, We have seen him play all kinds of roles in his movies.. We saw him delight the audience at his birth. jokerWe saw him take on the obsessive-compulsive role in ‘Her’ and now we see him again as a conqueror and emperor playing Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is cruel because it cannot be otherwise. Yes, Joaquin Phoenix did it again. Oscar winner announced Perfectly capture the coldness and determination of a historical figure It is of the caliber of Napoleon Bonaparte, yet it shows a glimpse of his inherent naturalness and that which is present in every human being. Even though it’s lacking for our taste some more characterization.

An environment and costumes worthy of the period

The movie ‘Napoleon’ takes place in 18th century France, so the great magic of the work lies in its costumes in this sense. Apple has more than delivered on this premise; It’s really nice to see this Aristocrats dressed in their best clothes, elegant and interesting wigs of the period, military hats, dresses of French ladies… Wonderful.

Things to add to this Perfect war and military setting, eccentric festivals of the time, fog, decay… It really feels like you were in the middle of the French Revolution 200 years ago.

Hollywood style

This gem of Apple TV+ is considered one of Apple’s biggest productions. The company’s huge investment is very remarkable in every small detail; it’s like watching one of those multimillion-dollar Hollywood movies with mostly successful actors.

And of course this was all under the direction of the great Ridley Scott. Magnificent of Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquests without ceasing to adhere to historical facts, but with certain lights and shadows. In general, very good work is being done at the management level.

These are all the reasons you will find to watch ‘Napoleon’, one of Apple TV+’s great cinematographic works. But if you’re not convinced… there’s more, much more! Like these reasons to watch the greatest sci-fi series of the year or great reasons to watch ‘The Breakup’, Apple TV+’s wonderful series of intrigue and suspense.

Source: i Padizate

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