Popular instant messaging application WhatsApp introduced a feature that Android device users have been demanding: Ability to search messages by date.

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This feature, which was previously available only to iPhone, Mac and WhatsApp Web users, is now available to Android users, providing a more complete and consistent experience across all platforms.

“Ideal for revisiting a message that made you smile or checking when you sent information to someone, searching by date makes it easier to navigate your personal conversations,” the company said in its announcement.

Searching for messages by date is offered to users as a useful and practical tool that allows them to quickly find specific messages sent or received on a specific date.

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This new function is simple and intuitive to use. To access search by date, the user simply opens the desired ‘chat’, taps on the person or group name at the top and selects the ‘Search’ option.

From here they can choose the date they want to go, making it easier to find messages in long and intense conversations.

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In addition to searching by date, WhatsApp also reminds its users that they have the ability to search for multimedia files, links and documents within each ‘chat’.

This means users can easily find photos, videos, web links or documents shared in previous conversations, speeding up the process of retrieving important information.

“To switch between the three, tap the person or group name at the top and click ‘Media links & documents'” the company announced.

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