Social networks on the morning of March 5 Instagram and Facebook They were harmed during their service a worldwide decline.

Several users verified their profiles and the feed was not updating and they were unable to post due to the downgrade in their service.

Other Internet users also tried to use the YouTube video platform and received no response. Decided to file a complaint via ‘X’About what happened before Twitter.

It is precisely on this social network that the official YouTube account published a message apologizing for the inconvenience caused to the users of Autumn.

“Thank you to everyone who sent notes about loading issues on YouTube; we’re on it!” was part of the message on the official portal.

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“We will follow this place when everything returns to normal. Also You can follow our help community post for more details” continues streaming on ‘X’, to which many users commented.

Apparently, not only those who wanted to watch the videos on the platform, but also those who uploaded them were affected: “The ‘Invalid traffic’ tag appeared on my channel. I left a message about it. Please, correct it” Why is “everything” closed right now? “Facebook, Instagram, Google, OpenAi, Microsoft Teams” were some of the messages left by internet users on the YouTube message.

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After the YouTube profile message, verification was possible by accessing the platform in Colombia and the platform works normally, so only some users There are interruptions in services.

According to some portals responsible for detecting malfunctions on internet platforms such as ‘Down Detector’, the majority of malfunctions on YouTube occurred in countries such as Mexico; 58 percent of users experienced problems logging in, while 39 percent experienced other types of difficulties. and to access other pages such as %3 Google services.


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