Manuela Gutierrez is a Colombian content creator who has become a trend in the last hours due to a controversy in which he co-starred with renowned Mexican chef Edgar Núñez.

Núñez was sent to Gutiérrez because He ordered a dinner at his restaurant in exchange for paying by advertising on his social networks. Apparently, the request did not please the Mexican very much.

And I’m leaving Manuela in the ‘international freeloaders’ section that I like (…) I didn’t know drinking for free was business“There were words accompanying a screenshot of a conversation the chief had through private Instagram messages from his official Twitter account.

You can see here that the Colombian wrote that his restaurant looks amazing, so he wants to visit with his partner as he will be in Mexico next week:I would like to know if it is possible to exchange an ad, recommend them and show them on Instagram through my stories, which will anchor their service somewhere. emphasizein exchange for a meal for both. It is an honor to work with you!”

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Controversy arose immediately, as there were those who defended the young woman because of the sharpness of the chief’s comments, and other users who classified Gutiérrez’s request as disrespectful.

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The young woman responded by explaining how this advertising space works, via Instagram stories, creators’ social networks: “People, I know many of you don’t agree with these ways of working, but the truth is, most creators get paid for what we do. When companies, restaurants and hotels contact us, they usually provide services and pay us. But also many times, what you don’t understand, it’s normal for someone to write to them and go to them.“.​

In addition, he stated that he wrote to the official account of the restaurant, not directly to the chef, and that he did not want everyone he went to accept his services.

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Finally, he concluded that everyone had their own way of expressing their disagreement and they respected Núñez’s position: “I’m sorry if I offended this chief by saying this.“.


Source: Exame

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