It cannot be said that the first sequence of the episode “Mourning Cloak” (7×10) Fear the walking dead (since 2015) is too shocking. It is limited to showing how the situation developed in Victor Strand’s tower Colman Domingo, finally turned into a villain from the seventh season for some characters to introduce some new ones and bring back others.

Young Ali is played by Ashton Arbab, who we only saw in the episode “Something Old” (8×23) How I Met your mother (2005-2014) or in Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), nothing special. And out Charlie Alexa Nisensonwho participates in Fear the walking dead From “Another Day in a Diamond” (4×02) we didn’t know from “Reclamation” (7×06).

We think it’s fair, pure narrative decency, that an episode is dedicated to her because she’s one of the most forgotten survivors in this AMC sci-fi. If only because he is usually not the main character; and had to match Lennie James, who plays Morgan Jones, repeats in the direction after “Welcome to the Club” (6×02) and “Until Death” (7×05), for this opportunity.

Introducing a new “crossover” in the zombie apocalypse


Soon during the “Mourning Cloak” they insisted on offering different scenarios with a dusty bowling alley; as if showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg decided in the previous chapter “Follow Me” (7×09) with the same empty auditorium and eight other seats from Abigail’s yacht between “The Good Man” (1×06) and “Children of Wrath” (3×08). ). An good incentive from Fear the walking dead.

On the other hand, given Charlie’s abilities, one wonders what he could have achieved. If I teamed up with the insidious Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride in the parent series (since 2010). combine them with crossover fat in the future would be a good idea; especially since the second had already lost the people she loved, and the teenager could build a new connection with her.

In particular, Sophia Peletier Madison Linz was her biological daughter, and she knows she lost her in the film’s stunning ending. Almost dead already (2×07); and that Matt Linz’s adoptive Henry was taken from him in The Calm Before (9×15) with what is identified as the Red Wedding the walking Deadwith reference to the one in the chapter “Raining in Castamere” (3×09) Game of Thrones (2011-2019).

The most disappointing thing about this episode is “Fear the Walking Dead”

fear the walking dead 7x10 mourning cloak crítica amc

The mousetrap zombies that characters fall into voluntarily on many occasions are classics of the AMC franchise, and “Mourning Cloak” echoes it; and in the cunning of suddenly launching them against the enemy. So none of these elements can draw our attention. Only, ulterior motives and shifting loyalty We are interested

Both that and another, planned in the scenario of the British Nazrine Chowdhury and the American Kalaya Michelle Stallworth. One has written five episodes with him since the aforementioned “Welcome to the Club”, and the other, also “Recultivation”, after participating in ten apocalypses with walking corpses, different from the one in Fear the walking deadthe one from the miniseries dawn (2019).

They give us in the last section of this chapter, moreover, some weird pictures for its extravagance, but its beauty is diminished by a certain topical montage of romantic drama. But the most disappointing thing is not the latter or the fact that Ali is doing the same thing as Will Gus Halper in The Lighthouse (7×01), but ingenuity in that there is no retrank in Charlie’s behavior. What a pity.

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