Safari increased its speed by 60% in its latest updates

Apple’s WebKit team announced improvements to Safari and increased its speed by 60% in a new whitepaper

Apple continues to improve its own browser, its latest version improving significantly

A new article published by Apple’s WebKit states: Significant performance improvements have been made to the Safari browser. They directly attribute this to the launch of Speedometer 3.0, a measuring device that evaluates web browsing performance through web applications. The latter is a joint effort between Apple, Google and Mozilla. The mission is to improve user experience based on creating a “common understanding of web performance.”.

Internet workloads don’t matter, Speedometer noticeably boosts Safari

According to the tests performed, the results are surprising. They state that speed increases as workloads expandThey also help developers create better websites and web applications, which would be impossible to do without Speedometer.

Safari about Speedometer 3.0 increased score by 60%. Performance and performance of Safari 17.0, released last September Safari 17.4 just last month. He emphasizes that individual improvements of even less than 1% are not significant. In terms of speed, Safari 17.4 is 13% faster than Safari 17.0. Note that Apple has released the Safari 17.4.1 update for older versions of macOS.


Safari lets you install very useful extensions

Improvements can be made thanks to A/B testing and an excellent infrastructure

Many technical details have been added to the document you can read here. Highlighting JavaScriptCore improvements and tools that prevent performance bottlenecks. For example, they identified abnormal time commitment on the screening subtests in Speddometer 2.1 and 3.0. These subtests allocate a set of JavaScript objects and therefore spend time on object collection subtests.

It is noteworthy that Testing was conducted using a MacBook Air M2 running macOS 14.4.. Other significant improvements relate to the rendering of DOM code, in terms of its design and code optimizations.


Safari Search Will Help You Find Specific Words

Do you use Safari? It would be appropriate to give him a chance to verify its operation. I’m personally very adapted to the Google app ecosystem and therefore Chrome, but I wouldn’t mind trying Safari to see how it performs in day-to-day tasks.

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