They guarantee that GameCube and Wii emulators for iPhone will not be on the App Store

DolphiniOS abandons plans to bring its emulator to the App Store!

Apple updates its policies to allow game emulators on the App Store

arrival A GameCube and Wii emulator with different platform compatibility than DolphiniOSwas expected as one of the new features coming to the Apple Store in recent weeks. However, despite recent changes in the general rules to include emulators in the app store, this will not be the case in practice.

DolphiniOS explained on its blog: Apple does not support applications that use JITThe retro game emulator will not be supported on the App Store for now.

DolphiniOS emulator will not arrive on the App Store

recompiler JIT (Just in Time) works to interpret code on legacy consoles Like GameCube and Wii. DolphiniOS explains why it doesn’t work on Apple:

The GameCube and Wii have a PowerPC-based CPU inside. All modern Apple devices use an ARM-based CPU. It is not possible to run PowerPC code directly on ARM CPU and vice versa. Then, If we want to run a GameCube or Wii game on an iPhone, we need to convert the game’s PowerPC code to ARM so that the CPU can understand it.

The only option to adapt to Apple’s demands is Translator, which is considered less efficient. Therefore, the group chose to abandon all plans for the release of DolphiniOS unless Apple relaxed its conditions.

After the EU commission fined Apple $2 billion and said it was unhappy with changes the company made to comply with the Digital Markets Act, Apple updated its policies to allow developers to create and distribute game emulators on the App Store.

The new App Store review guidelines mean: developers given permission to create and distribute retro game console emulatorsAs long as they meet certain conditions.

The only GameBoy emulator currently to reach the App Store was withdrawn due to copyright issues, but in this case not because of a protest from Nintendo, but from the creator of another emulator for the iPhone, who claimed that it was a copy. It remains to be seen whether major players in the video game industry will protest against such emulators available on the App Store in the future.

Source: i Padizate

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