Supreme Court of the Judicial District Civil Chamber Measures banning the sale of Apple-branded iPhones and iPads with 5G technology have been repealed in Colombia.

The restraining order was taken by the 43rd court of the Bogota circuit in July of this year due to legal disputes between the US company and Ericsson.


The court found at that time that Apple had violated the Colombian patent NC2019/0003681, which was required to develop 5G technology. Permission that Ericsson has from 2019 to 2037.

It was for a reason that Apple sued Ericsson in December last year.accuses the company of violating the terms that establish a fair market for patents.

which after a few months Apple banned from selling, marketing and distributing 5G devices in ColombiaThe reasoned judge ruled in his favor in the final hours, as he even released his iPhone 14.

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It has been decided to CANCEL the decisions dated 28 April 2022, which were clarified with reference to the provisions dated 16 August 2022 approved by the 43rd Civil Chamber and added to the provisions of 16 August 2022 and 6 July 2022. The Bogot√° Circuit, instead, in the matter of reference, the extrajudicial measures requested by Telegonktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Publ) are REJECTED according to the reasoning part of this decision”.

EL TIEMPO has been able to detect this from date. Apple Colombia SAS will start importing iPhone 11, 12 and 13 and iPads with 5G technology to the country. However, the latest version, the iPhone 14, will take a few more weeks to arrive in the country and may start selling in mid-December as there are no units available due to the production factory being closed.


Source: Exame

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