YouTube is copying one of Apple TV’s best features

The YouTube app on Apple TV will now show you its own screensavers alongside tvOS screensavers

YouTube, one of the popular applications of tvOS

YouTube wants to entertain our screen and viewing with new screensavers. Let’s remember that a few minutes of inactivity in tvOS activates aerial videos downloaded over the magnificent views of our planet Earth and some of the world’s cities. Is YouTube doing the right thing by occupying our screen on top of tvOS?

YouTube random slides as screensavers in Apple TV app

A journalist named Joe Rosensteel noticed what was happening with the YouTube application on his Apple TV in his office a few days ago. When he turned to the screen he realized: It was a still image from YouTube, not tvOS’ over-the-air video saver. To do this, he remembered that another Apple TV in the living room, which had an old version of YouTube, did not do it, so he had an updated version of the app.

He identifies as YouTube “hijacked” Apple TV screensaver. In this case, the video is activated when you’re inside the app without being paused. Also when you watch a video and give it enough time. There are several slides on YouTube that present the art.

A new advertising showcase

9to5Mac’s reflection is interesting. This screen may be will serve for advertising and promotional content in the near future. If we know YouTube, it will be the perfect showcase for brands that pay enough to be featured on our screens. Changes in screen savers were also seen on the Android TV platform. YouTube Premium not enough?

What if you don’t want to see YouTube wallpapers? If you are on YouTube’s application and want to beat your time, there is a practical and effective solution. You need to activate it beforehand tvOS screensavers that are over-the-air videos. Go to Settings and then General. Go to Screensaver and select Start after 2 minutes. With this, your Apple TV will display over-the-air videos on the screen, which is more beautiful and ideal than the poor presentation of YouTube backgrounds.

Source: i Padizate

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