This is the best app to edit your photos that you can use on your iPhone

Probably the best photo editing app on the App Store

Snapseed is available for free on the App Store

The Apple App Store is full of excellent photo editing apps, but one stands out. Of course, there are quite valid applications. There are apps to edit photos with cool filters and dreamy effects. There are even those that can create Disney-style images with AI, but the app edit photos on iPhone What we propose today goes one step further. It is the most complete application.

Thinking of retouching the last photos you took over the weekend? Do you want to publish new content on your social networks? In this case you should know instant seedA photo editing application from Google. And best of all… it’s free.

Forget paying for filter packs and using complicated photo editing apps. Snapseed is the best app to retouch your images; It’s free and so easy to use that even a child can use it. I recommend you try it!

An intuitive design, advanced features and amazing results

Snapseed is considered one of the most complete photo editing apps on the App Store and other platforms. In fact, when they see its potential, Google decided to acquire Snapseed in 2012. Of course, its popularity on the iPhone continued to grow.

As I mentioned before, Snapseed is very easy to use on iPhone. The user interface design is so intuitive When you first use it, it will look like you’ve been using it your whole life.. There are three main sections at the bottom of the application: designswhere you will find all kinds of predefined filters; tools, has multiple functions to edit photos; And Exportto share your images in other applications and social networks.

I can say that the tools section is the most interesting and the section that I use frequently in my daily life. I insist. Snapseed for iPhone is extremely simple to use. This makes Snapseed the best iPhone photo editing app for both young and old. As I said, here you will find basic photo editing functions as follows: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows, Ambient, Temperature…and more complex ones like this Blur, Perspective, Brush, Spot Remover, Stretch, Blur or White Balance.

instant seed

Snapseed has a highly intuitive user interface

My favorites? Undoubtedly the Stain Remover function. will let you magically remove people and objects you don’t want to appear in the photo. It’s similar to Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser, which we hope will come to this app soon. Another one of my favorite features of Snapseed is Selective, with this tool you can mark any area of ​​the photo and edit only that area.

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting mobile photo editing applications on the market. I don’t need anything more! Although it is true that for more technical versions you should use Photoshop. But for a quick touch-up on iPhone and posting content on social networks… perfect!

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