Since then in April of this year What’s up? He announced that he was working to move. communities to application. And now, it is known that the distribution has started in the stable version of the messaging app we are talking about. This is being done slowly, but it is expected that soon all users will be able to take advantage of the new options they have to offer.

There aren’t many people who own these in Spain right now (we’re talking about a really large minority unless WhatsApp’s trial version is used), so we’ll have to wait for more – but not too many – in our country. The truth is that Communities finally harmonize groups they are used if they have a conductive thread. And we’re talking about just searching for it, not terminating anything currently used in the app.

What exactly are WhatsApp Communities?

are born with the purpose centralize different groups that exist and whose purpose is to address issues that have a common denominator. For example, a Club Community with groups (with different participants) could be a community where each one talks about a topic: events; statement of account; headquarters maintenance; etc. That way everything is clearer and managers they can Control even send communications to all groups at once—or select selected ones.

WhatsApp communities interface

What’s up?

A good way to keep everything longer organizedAs Communities can be useful for use Employeefor example, for families or groups of friends; as in professionalwhere some companies can see a good way to communicate with employees and customers in this new tool.

  • Here are some additional options communities have:
  • Sending notifications as notifications as well as general messages by administrators.
  • Communities can have multiple Admins.
  • Each community can contain up to 50 groups.
  • It is possible to leave the community independently.
  • The phone in use is only visible to administrators and other users sharing a group.
  • End-to-end encryption security is included.

This is how you create one in the app

Then we leave steps To give you to create a Community within WhatsApp so that you know what to do once it is activated in the app you are using:

  • On the first screen of the app, select the Communities tab in WhatsApp.
  • Now select Start a community and here you need to add a description, your man and if you want a profile picture.
  • This is the moment when you can create a new group or select one of the existing ones to be included in the Community and become an Admin (in this case you must use the Add existing group option).
  • Then confirm as usual on iOS or Android and you’re done.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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