RECICLOS, the best app for recycling and caring for the planet on World Environment Day

RECICLOS is an app available on iOS and Android that allows you to earn rewards for supporting recycling and solidarity projects

RECICLOS big rewards for recycling packaging

RECICLOS is an application specifically designed to encourage and motivate iOS and Android users. Recycle plastic beverage cans and bottles to protect the environment. This app encourages sustainable mobility and distribute points that you can use in charity projects. You can also enter sweepstakes to win great prizes.

It is one of the applications that contribute to making our planet a better world. A sustainable, clean and supportive home. We celebrate today World Enviroment Day With RECICLOS, an application that we all should download on our iPhone or Android smartphone and which we would recommend considering that Apple is a company known worldwide for its great concern for the environment. If you want your home to be clean, why wouldn’t you want the same for the planet?

We talk about it below RECYCLINGits operation, solidarity projects and initiatives, and rewards for recycling iOS and Android users.



RECICLOS big rewards for recycling packaging

Technology is increasingly involved in our daily tasks, and caring for the environment also needs to find its place in this sector. This is how RECICLOS was born. Refund and Reward System (SDR) developed by CircularLabopen innovation center ecoembes. The system works through a mobile app that encourages users to recycle their plastic beverage cans and bottles in yellow containers.

If they recycle them with RECICLOS (you can check where to find recycling containers and machines from the app itself), iOS and Android users get: RECYCLING points that can be exchanged in raffles or solidarity projects.


The importance of recycling is a duty towards our planet that we must pass on from generation to generation.

RECICLOS completely free and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Recycle a container, plant a tree


RECICLOS has helped complete dozens of solidarity projects

RECYCLING not only motivates care for the environment, but also It shows that recycling can have a social face, as users can donate their RECYCLING to solidarity projects Like Aldeas Infantiles saying, “No child is born to grow up alone.” Promoting the circularity of packaging through recycling is not the only thing RECICLOS does for the environment; also using the app you can support environmental projects It’s like the song “Save the Little Big Seahorse” by the Oceanids.

Since the application is available, RECICLOS users are already 17,250 trees and we reforested more than one 158,600 square meters. To plant your own tree with RECYCLING, all you have to do is recycle and save 25 RECYCLING. Helping the planet has never been easier! Additionally, the Ecoembes app also produced multiple products. 5,000 hours of rural employment.

RECICLOS solidarity projects


RECICLOS, a supportive and environmentally friendly app

The RECICLOS app promotes sustainable mobility, solidarity between communities and care for the environment. What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than by supporting the work of a charity?

Just as Apple donates money with every purchase at the Apple Store with its (RED) campaign, RECICLOS does the same by collaborating on solidarity projects through its user base of more than half a million. The more of us there are, the cleaner our planet will be and the more we can help everyone in need.


RECICLOS packaging barcode scanner

The main projects recently completed by RECICLOS users are:

  • -Anar: RECICLOS has helped 93 cases of children and adolescents facing risky situations.
  • What happened? RECICLOS assisted 577 families and 2,019 beneficiaries with therapy sessions.
  • Food Bank: RECICLOS donated 123,636 kg of food to the Federation of Spanish Food Banks.
  • Little Wish Foundation: RECICLOS fulfilled the wishes of more than 100 sick children.
  • ReTree: RECICLOS planted 13,587 trees in the Valley of Dreams.
  • Oceanids: RECICLOS has carried out up to 100 seabed cleans and collaborated on a seahorse rescue project in Andalusia.
  • Play therapy: RECICLOS managed to provide more than 500 “Happy Kits” consisting of games for children who are hospitalized and undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Good friends: RECICLOS offered help and companionship to more than 2,000 lonely older people.

Awards and prizes for recycling


RECICLOS motivates its users to recycle cans and bottles every day

RECICLOS also aims to start recycling those who do not; What better excuse to do this than to win prizes of originating products, recycling bins, electric scooters, tickets to zoos, suitcases or wooden watches?


RECICLOS is available for free on iOS and Android

To participate in RECICLOS sweepstakes or participate in solidarity and social aid projects, all you have to do is take your smartphone and recycle your cans and plastic drink bottles with RECICLOS.

Many families have been recycling at home for many years. If this is your situation, now Recycle your cans and plastic drink bottles and bring rewards. It is important for our planet. It is important for everyone.

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