Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad now available with Mac update

Final Cut Pro adds new AI-powered features!

Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad now available with Mac update
Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad and Final Cut Pro 10.8 Mac now available

Final Cut Pro 2 now available on iPad. This new version unlocks the power of professional editing in the palm of your hand, bringing endless possibilities for video editing on the go. With the launch of the iPad, Apple also rolled out a major update for Final Cut Pro on Mac.

great news Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad delivers unprecedented performance by taking full advantage of the power of the new iPad Pro with M4 chipIt far exceeds the capabilities of its predecessor, as it can now perform rendering up to twice faster. For Mac users, Final Cut Pro 10.8 adds new AI-powered features.

What’s new in Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 includes:

Live Multi Camera: It allows you to connect to the Final Cut Camera on the iPad or iPhone to record from up to four angles simultaneously.

External device: Easily create and edit projects on a connected external storage device.

Remote manual camera control: Adjust your exposure with shutter speed and ISO controls in Pro Camera Mode.

Focus control: Enable focus to ensure the shot is sharp while recording.

Larger Item Library: Enhance your videos with 12 new color grading presets, 6 dynamic glitch backgrounds, 20 soundtracks, 8 essential text titles and more.

Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad also supports the new Apple Pencil Pro, taking advantage of rotating the body for better control of Live Drawing tools and pinching to quickly open brushes and settings.

Compatible devices: Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad requires iPadOS 17.4 or later and iPad models with M1 chip or later.

What’s new in Final Cut Pro 10.8 includes:

  • New light effects: Automatically enhance the colour, color balance, contrast and brightness of videos or still images using the new Light and Color Enhance effect powered by machine learning.
  • Smooth Slow Motion: Create incredible slow-motion images with an AI-enhanced algorithm on Mac models with Apple Silicon.
  • Private label: Stay organized by renaming color corrections and video effects in the controller.
  • Apply effects to clips: Drag effects directly from the inspector to other clips in the timeline or viewer.
  • Clip filter: Use the new filters in the timeline index to quickly identify clips that contain audio effects, video effects, retiming changes, missing media, or missing effects.

Timeline search: Search the timeline index by reel, scene, camera angle, camera name, custom metadata, or effect name.

Advanced Search: Search for clips in the browser using the new “Starts with” and “Ends with” search criteria.

Smoother playback: Improves timeline scrolling behavior during reverse playback.

Compatible devices: Final Cut Pro for Mac 10.8 requires macOS 13.5 or later and 8 GB RAM. Metal-compatible graphics card and 6.5 GB available disk space for Intel computers.

Price of Final Cut Pro for iPad and Mac

Final Cut Pro 2 for ‌iPad‌ is available as a free upgrade for existing usersAnd New users can purchase it for 4.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year. Final Cut Pro for Mac 10.8 is also available as a free update for existing users and New users can purchase the software for 349.99 euros.

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