bankolombia It has various virtual tools that it aims to facilitate the lives of users through digital channels.

However, different complaints about errors in the application can often be noticed, either because it doesn’t allow money transfers or because it’s closed.

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Now, Bancolombia should create a change that updates the version that Apple devices have for the operating system, because the company was a few weeks ago. announced all the upcoming news for iOS 16 soon.

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As a result, one of the banking institution’s users requested information about this change in the app, via his Twitter account, to which the company replied: “Our technical team is working to get you to use the Bancolombia People App on your iPhone with iOS 16 operating systems. We don’t have a date for this and we ask for some patience. Sorry for the inconvenience“.

Lack of an exact dateThose who have updated the iOS 16 operating systemThey will have to wait for the company to release the new version, which may cause malfunctions in the ‘app’ operation.

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