Political peace achieved by the elected president Gustavo Petro For his frank conversations with several of his historical enemies, including President Iván Duque and the former President Alvaro Uribe– Contrasted with the noise that began to emerge in sectors of the left that felt marginalized in the process of adding and outside the deck of a possible cabin.

The most acidic claims ever came from the Senator Gustavo Bolívar He was a media figure who was Petro’s greatest aide in the parliamentary district, number one on the Historical Pact list in the elections, and always put his knowledge to use the media to glorify the new president.

So, for example, after Uribe’s important meeting with Petro, which he described as “respectful”, Bolivar reacted sharply: “Compromise is welcome, but only social forgiveness for Uribe. judicial amnesty if you go to JEP. Divine forgiveness is… difficult. We cannot betray the victims.”

Bolivar himself later showed his disagreement. Former Governor of Boyacá Carlos AmayaThe former member of the Centro Esperanza Coalition and the one who supported Rodolfo Hernández in the second round against Petro without hesitation, is now on the bells of the cabinet as Minister of Agriculture.

“I admire @PetroGustavo’s generosity in forming a pluralist and united government in the Colonel that guarantees peace and manageability, but let’s not forget the social, union, peasant, indigenous, Afro and leftist organizations who risk their lives for this cause. #WithAmayaNo”, Bolivar reacted on his Twitter account.

The figure was echoed by hundreds of his followers, who showed their amazement at this possible appointment.

“Get together with everyone YES. Dialogue with everyone YES. Build from difference YES.
But reward the “traitors” who hunt in troubled rivers, don’t trust me on that river. I’m sorry, but that’s all I can do,” said the Historical Pact Senator emphatically. Caesar Pachon He describes himself as “the social leader and representative of millions of peasants”.

Same way, BluRadio He realizes that several historic leaders of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) have issued a statement in the last few hours denying the country’s main unit to join the incoming government, arguing that this organization is not and is not an extension of any government, hence this one on the left.

To this scenario, this crack in the CUT, Colombian Federation of Education Workers, Fecode, for not being considered by the elected president Gustavo Petro to integrate the joint team of the education sector.

“We were very surprised because they didn’t invite us to the merge commission. fecode “Everything was played out for everything in this campaign, they stigmatized us, they treated us badly from many industries for supporting Petro,” he said.

Although Fecode is a champion of public education, we feel mistreated. We pass this legacy to Gustavo Petro and it hurts us because of it. We urge him to say we are the government and we want the treatment we deserve from him,” he added, adding his unconditional support for Petro, a teacher of a union that was made public during the campaign – and as it really is.

To complement the complexity of President Petro’s initial scenario with his bases, the rejection of conservatism by adding statements from various social organizations such as the Movement for Victims of State Crime and the Fracking Free Alliance William Reyes Gonzalez to become joint chief of the justice sector of the new government.

Therefore, environmental groups asked Petro to remove the intersection from the city center. former deputy interior minister and a former assistant magistrate of the Constitutional Court.

“Petro and Márquez’s government plan is dedicated to climate change mitigation, the energy transition, the realization of the rights of communities, generations of agriculture (…) and it is clearly visible. Mr. Reyes González represents the opposite of that purpose.”, they assured in a letter signed by social and environmental leaders.

For them, Reyes is a lawyer for the multinational mining company Anglogold Ashanti (AGA) and was involved in plagiarism, which according to them contradicts the ideology that brought Petro to power.

“Attorney Reyes intervened at an open meeting held to support a draft agreement on behalf of AngloGold Ashanti. ecological and cultural heritage against mega-metallic mining”.

The letter was signed by the “National Environmental Movement”, which brought together ASOQUIMBO, CONCIUDADANÍA Company, MINGA Association, Eastern Antioquia Roundtable on Human Rights and Humanitarian Awareness, among others.

This series of differences, which began to emerge in a period, presidential election They give their first impressions of what their government will be like, showing the complexity it has to manage.

Petro announced that he would try to form a compromise government. “The goal is to build a new political climate. We have to fight both the sectarianism of the right and the sectarianism of the left, because that’s what polarization is. There is no difference, these differences are not. Because sectarianism in Colombia leads to violence,” he said. Change.

The left leader, who will rule the country from 7 August to 2026, concluded in this speech:If we isolate ourselves, they’ll knock us down”.


Source: Exame

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