TikTok, the viral video sharing application owned by ByteDance Ltd. China has fueled criticism from lawmakers who flagged the social network’s data-sharing apps by saying that some non-US employees can access US users’ information.

The company’s confession came in a letter to TikTok and nine US senators blaming TikTok. their parent companies not tracking US citizens and demanding answers on what has become a family line Question for the company: Do employees based in China have access to US user data? What role do these employees play in shaping the TikTok algorithm? Is any of this information shared with the Chinese government?

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Currently, China-based employees who adhere to a set of internal security protocols US can access certain information about TikTok usersTikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew said in the June 30 letter obtained by Bloomberg News, including videos and public comments. It said none of this information was shared with the Chinese government and was subject to “robust cybersecurity controls”.

The social network said it is working with the US government. Strengthening data security around this information, particularly anything described as “protected” by the Foreign Investment Committee in the United States; or CFIUS.

This new effort called “The Texas Project“, Includes physical storage of US information in data centers on US servers TikTok, owned by software giant Oracle Corp., also brings its platform to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure; This means that the application and algorithm will be accessed and distributed for US users from local data centers.

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