In the early hours of Saturday 9 July, a traffic accident was recorded between a taxi and a private vehicle on Carrera 39 and Calle 13 in central Bogotá. 3 people were injured in the accident, 1 person died.

According to the information received from the authorities, the incidents took place at around 03.20 in the morning in Puente Aranda, Pennsylvania, when a taxi from Radio Taxi company was about to cross the street. The other vehicle apparently driven by popular music singer Freddy Burbano was hit..

Major Samuel Ortiz Soto of the Bogota Metropolitan Police Department of Traffic and Transport. He pointed out that Burbano would be in a state of overt drunkenness, in which he was caught.

Because of the shock, The 21-year-old girl, whose name is Karen Molina, has died. He was traveling in the taxi that crashed.

José Velásquez, 21, who accompanied Karen, was also injured; as well as the taxi driver who exhibited traumas in different parts of his body. Meanwhile, the popular music artist suffered a minor head injury. The three were transferred to the Medical Clinic in Santa Juliana.

Headquarters manager Henry Abaunza presented a medical report on the injured: “Three of them have undergone relevant assessments by trauma specialists at our clinic (…) No one is in critical condition.”

Burbano was discharged this Saturday afternoon and Puente Aranda is being held at the URI as the investigation into his responsibility for the incident progresses..

Eyewitnesses say the car was traveling at high speed and after the accident the artist would try to make a ‘major driver change’ to evade the authorities.

in an interview with Snail News, the deceased young woman’s family demanded justice and asked the singer to take responsibility for what happened. “I sincerely want justice done,” said Deisy Luna Camelo, the young woman’s mother.

Karen Molina’s body will be handed over to her relatives this Sunday.

Source: Exame

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