elected president, Gustavo Petro announced that Arhuaca leader Leonor Zalabata Torres will become the US ambassador to the UN in New York. Likewise, Embera appointed attorney and Truth Commissioner Patricia Tobón as director of the Victims Unit and NASA sociologist Giovani Yule as director of the Land Returns Unit.


“Arhuaca social leader Leonor Zalabata Torres will be our ambassador to the UN in New York, Embera lawyer and Truth Commissioner Patricia Tobón will head the Victims Unit, and Nasa sociologist Giovani Yule will head the Land Returns Unit,” wrote a tweet.

Leonor Zalabata Torres is the indigenous leader of the Ika People (Arhuaco) of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It has been characterized by defending human rights and representing its people.

Zalabata was one of the few indigenous peoples to attend university in the 1970s.

He has been the Tayrona Indigenous Confederation Human Rights Commissioner at the National Human Rights Commission on Indigenous Peoples of Colombia. He also participated in the political processes of the Arhuaco People.

He has been a delegate of Indigenous Peoples in the COPs of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in coordinating health, in their plans and programmes, as well as in the preparation of National Norms for intercultural bilingual education and educational curricula in the country. ARHUACO People. . On the other hand, he was the delegate of the 1991 Human Rights Constitution National Tables.

On your own behalf Patricia Tobón, who will assume the Victims Unit, led the Ethnic Focus group on the Truth Commission. He is a Native of the Embera people of Colombia and a speaker of two of their dialectical varieties.

He is also a lawyer who studied law on regional ethnic rights and specialized in Constitutional Law. He has experience in coordinating preliminary consultation processes for Indigenous peoples, building regulatory instruments and public policy, and this has allowed him to engage in intercultural dialogues with social movements, Government agencies, international organizations, academia, the private sector, among others.

Since 2006 he has worked as a consultant and consultant on issues related to indigenous peoples’ rights in different indigenous and Afro-noble organizational processes, human rights organizations, United Nations agencies and international organizations, according to the Truth Commission website. .

Throughout her career, she has also carried out actions aimed at defending and promoting the rights of indigenous women. The Commission accompanies and guides the actions of the Department for Ethnic Peoples and the Department for Social Dialogue, particularly in relation to the goal of Non-Repetition contributions.

(Also: Federico Gutiérrez reacting to Gustavo Petro’s strategist’s apologies).

Giovani Yule is a Nasa leader who is a senior advisor to the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (Cric).. He is part of the Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement (Mais) and was governor of the Huellas reservation in Cauca, Caloto.

In 2021, Yule was one of the main supporters of the domestic minga offered in the country.

The native leader was also on Gustavo Petro’s unification team.

The Latin American Social Science Council (CLACSO) awarded Yule an award for leading the native minga.


Source: Exame

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