Actor Chris Evans, who recently had to replace his device, still misses his old iPhone 6S, it doesn’t quite fit the size and functions he had with the new iPhone 12 Pro.

The actor, who played Buzz Lightyear and Captain America three weeks ago, said goodbye to the phone, which was ideal for him because it had a control button. He said he felt it was missing in newer devices and that Apple switched to the touch engine in the iPhone 7 and eventually removed it from the iPhone X entirely.

The iPhone 12 Pro is also very heavy, according to Evans.

The actor voiced his criticisms in an interview with Collider at the promotion of his new movie The Gray Man, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, with whom he worked on the development of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although for now it looks like Apple won’t be bringing the button back. Some iPhone users use AssistiveTouch to add a virtual home button It can be placed anywhere on your screen to enhance your mobile experience and remember your usage.

Another option Evans has to make his phone lighter is to use an iPhone mini.

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Buzz Lightyear says goodbye to mobile

Source: Exame

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