Twitter got results far below expectations in the second quarter, disappointment attributed to “headwinds”, particularly uncertainty surrounding his prospective purchase Elon Musk.

The group, which sued Musk to honor its purchase commitment at the hearing that will begin in October, saw its turnover drop (-1 percent) within a year. According to a press release published.

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This decline is attributed to “headwinds” in the advertising industry. fears weighing on the economic situation, but also for the “uncertainty about the ongoing acquisition of Twitter” by Elon Musk.

the number of daily active users who may be exposed to advertisements on the platform, which is called “monetizable”, up 8.8 million – less than analysts expected– Until it reaches 237.8 million.

In an environment of tightening credit conditions and a growing economic slowdown, companies whose model is purely advertising suffer from low advertising budgets.

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