Lately, a good horror movie has been a lot of harshness. But the other day, another film released in Russia, Black Phone, was released.

The novelty was directed by Scott Derrickson, who directed the original Doctor Strange and The Six Demons of Emily Rose. All his creations are very different from others, he experiments and mixes genres. What is worth only one of his “Sinister”, already readable as a classic of the horror genre.

And so he set to work on the story of Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill. Did the film adaptation come out with a good and consistent mindfulness? Rather yes than no. We have already reviewed the picture and hasten to share our impressions.

classic horror in a new way

That’s how you can characterize the new film Darrickson.

The story tells about a small town where literally on every column there is another announcement about the spread of the child. Suspension wields a maniac kidnapperwho picks them up and takes them away in an unknown direction. They have not been seen for a long time, many are dead.

Local residents are constantly afraid that soon someone will once again part with their child, they look askance at each other with distrust. There was a place here and mysticism, but not quite the way you expect it to end.

The plot of this film is not as simple as it seems. He has his interesting (but hardly unexpected) turns. And that’s what grabs him in the first place. Rarely in horror there is a truly intriguing story, the solution of which you want to do on your own.

The main “chip” of the film was the created gloomy atmosphere of quiet horror. Each time the ringing phone call to the boy Finnul only once again pumps. It turns out it doesn’t matter who these children are who call Finn on the “non-working” phone, they themselves don’t remember it anymore.

But the child himself has heard a lot about them and, by his communication, makes him empathize with the characters, about whom we don’t even know anything.

Eze a large number of major films was Ethan Hozhuk, who for the first time in a long time grew up as an antagonist (not pregnant in the calculation of the Moon Knight series). About half of the movie, his face is hidden by a sinister mask with horns, but even with this fact, he manages to really terrify the audience. Plus, it turns out a little ironic for Drickerson: at first he made a movie about a kind magician, and now he switched to a magician villain.

Served image kidnapper looking through the lens of a child’s eyes, rather than through flashbacks and backstory that the character doesn’t have. Yes, and she’s useless. It is enough for the viewer to know the material that the producers of paintings buy him. Plus, Hawke’s acting is extra intimidating.

Real atmosphere of horror

Most of the oppressive generation happened with the help of musical accompaniment and risky pictures.

Any screamers here are kept to a minimum. No hackneyed boo momentssuperimposed one on top of the other. The picture comes out precisely due to what he saw and heard.

Each element of the scenery tells its own mini-story, it is better to perceive the process better, and sometimes even leads to a quiet tantrum. Actions with other effects appear.

There are no special effects in the game, and they are not needed. The picture looks natural and, despite some frankly stupid actions of the heroes, leads to a stupor. But not the one that breaks your level of delirium, but the chilling one. You involuntarily put yourself in the place of the main and secondary processes, repeating the breath.

And in some moments, the music only once again makes you horrified by what you see, slowly moving frozen emotions through your veins.

Plus, the superimposed effect from the films of the 70s is only slightly loaded, which is why you came to the cinema for this film. It will be tough.

Good horror movie worth watching

Lately good horror has become really heavy. They all follow proven tracks and do not go beyond what is permitted, which is why it becomes boring closer to the middle of the film.

The Black Phone isn’t afraid to experiment with the genre, sometimes spreading with the spread of pop culture horror, like the seeming “It” that is based on many elements of the collection.

If you miss good horror movies, then this movie is exactly what you need. You don’t regret the wasted time. Moreover, the timing is not so big.

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