Ritchie Herron, 35, is a civil servant in Newcastle, United Kingdom who has been in a difficult situation for four years. She regretted having undergone gender reassignment surgery in the National Health Service (NHS).

Via the social network Twitter, Briton briefly but anonymously shared his story with user ‘TullipR’had a great reach among many users.

When his story went viral, the man revealed his identity to the ‘Daily Mail’ and explained each of the situations he had to go through in an interview on his YouTube channel ‘Times Radio’.

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Ritchie had issues with depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder as he tried to suppress his sexual orientation.. Many of the behaviors he had were his ways to hide the dilemmas he faced every day.

By the age of 20, the man began identifying with another gender, or so he thought at the time.

In 2012, the young man decided to seek psychological help, as he wanted to start sex reassignment therapy.

So, it first started with some visits to the psychiatrist; but what the professional told him did not convince him of the planned decision.

Despite time and indecision, Ritchie sought a loan to pay for a medical appointment at a private hospital.

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According to the interview on the YouTube channel, official stated that he was diagnosed with ‘transsexualism’ with just two visits to the medical center.

The psychiatrist who has assisted this process since then suggested that he begin hormone therapy, taking medication to limit and block the production of testosterone his body produces.

One of his closest relatives accompanied him to one of his medical appointments and told him not to have the procedure.

“The doctor told me that I was taking high doses of antidepressants and that I had many problems with my body, but they referred me for sex therapy,” Briton said.

In March 2015, she was on her way to the NHS clinic where she heard she could receive psychological treatment if she was on the waiting list for gender reassignment surgery.

Four months later, Ritchie made an appointment for vaginoplasty (a surgical procedure that creates a vagina). But the British refused him, but he continued to psychiatry.

Two years later he took another patient at the expense of the NHS at Nuffield Health Hospital in Brighton for the same surgery.

During this time, her opinion did not change and she again rejected him. But he accepted it and they applied it to him. March 23, 2018, 10:00

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“I didn’t even see the surgeon. I was in the mentality of ‘I’m here now, don’t stop even if I want to’.”said during an interview.

A week after being under the influence of different painkillers, the man woke up.

As she stated in the interview, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Oh my God, what have I done?” it happened.

At that moment, Ritchie planned to file a lawsuit against the ‘Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust’.

The young man emphasized that the doctors did not detect the warning signs and changed direction.

Finally, He stated that due attention should be paid to issues such as OCD, internalized homophobia, depression, drug use, sexual abuse and childhood traumas. As possible reasons why patients reject their bodies.

The foundation made an official statement: “Care plans are collaborative and tailored to each patient’s needs and goals, and treatment decisions are made after thorough evaluation in accordance with national recommendations.”

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