President Gustavo Petro has suspended two events he had planned on his agenda for this Tuesday: the presence of three ministers and the recognition of the soldiers at the José María Córdova School. The reasons for the cancellation are unknown.

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The Presidency reported that the ceremony was postponed for the weekend.

And although President Gustavo Petro has been sworn in by most of the cabinet, some charges still await formalization.

The first of these is the portfolio Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication. This position was given to Mery Gutiérrez. However, one company sued the State, and when Petro formed the first ministerial group, his name was not given. The president is expected to make a decision based on other options the La U party has passed.

Néstor Osuna, Minister of Justice, and Arturo Luis Luna, the recently appointed Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, are also on standby.

Caesar FerrariThe director appointed to the Department of National Planning could not take up the post as he also has dual citizenship, is Colombian by adoption and in these cases the law does not allow it.


Nor the appointed sworn Colombian Ambassador to OASLuis Ernesto Vargas. The reason why he did not participate on behalf of Colombia in the voting of a resolution condemning Nicaragua.

(You can read: Why wasn’t Colombia in the OAS session against Nicaragua?)

Director Jorge Londono SignHe also needs to formalize his position. His appointment was announced last Thursday.

Finally, it remains to have your block ambassadors From the Green Alliance: Camilo Romero in Argentina and León Fredy Muñoz in Nicaragua. Armando Benedetti is also awaiting official status as Colombia’s ambassador to Venezuela.

Another event scheduled for Tuesday afternoon was Defense Minister Iván Velásquez’s troop recognition ceremony.

In this case, each unit of the Armed Forces was expected to recognize the minister as chief. Moreover Petro will officially introduce the commanders of each military force.

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On Friday, August 12, the president appointed the new military leadership, consisting of General Helder Giraldo, as commander of the Armed Forces; General Luis Mauricio Ospina in the Army; General Luis Carlos Córdoba in the Air Force; General Henry Armando Sanabria as Chief of the Navy, Vice Admiral Francisco Cubides, and Chief of Police.


Source: Exame

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