Sofia Petro took advantage of the social network Instagram to tell his followers about the process of becoming the daughter of the new president of ColombiaGustavo Petro and how he feels about it have been in the limelight in many different media headlines lately.

The young woman also assured. suffer from impostor syndrome (a psychological disorder in which successful people cannot absorb their success) He found the opportunity to send a message of support and solidarity to those suffering from the same problem as himself.

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Sofia emphasized the following in her statements: these days, her discomfort is taking over because of everything she’s been through: her father winning the election, being in the presidential house and living the life of the daughter of the Colombian president, not the life of a normal girl.

“This illness is a psychological condition that makes you think you’re not fit for the situation, that you don’t deserve what you have, where you are, or your achievements,” he said.

In the same way, he opened his field by saying: “In case someone out there feels that way, it’s a reminder that yes, you deserve to be where you are.nothing was free, it didn’t fall from the sky, you’re worth it”.

According to Valerie Young, 7 out of 10 people have suffered from it in their lifetime.

“Millions of men and women around the world, from successful business executives to brilliant students or actresses, are secretly concerned that they are not as talented as everyone thinks,” Young told the BBC.

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Aida Baida Gil wrote the book ‘How to overcome the fraud syndrome’.‘Dr. When listening to Young for the first time because he felt completely identified with it, he decided to translate it into a text.

According to Baida Gil, Those who suffer from this “never perform the task, are not good enough, competent or capable; to be dishonest is a fraud”.

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Young explained that there are two levels: one that fades with time and experience and that manifests when we feel insecure in the face of a new challenge or job; and another more serious one that gets worse as the months go by.

You think your success is a matter of luck and you attribute it not to your intelligence but to external factors or to the fact that you have to work hard to achieve it”, to express. As such, if you are suffering from these symptoms, it is best to consult a specialist to be sure if they are indeed referring to the syndrome.

If you think you identify with this situation,Or the better thing to do, according to the expert, is to start saying thank you every time you receive a compliment.. “Without making excuses, without justifying yourself. Just say thank you.”

The normal thing is that over time this feeling will go away, but if not, it’s good to “do more research on the subject”.recognize the norms you demand of yourself and change the internal scenarios every time you encounter a stressful situation.

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