Spotify has included new features on its platform, which will be introduced on the app’s home page and will be first on Android, even in some regions, distribution has begun and then the changes will reach iOS.

Changes aimed at providing a better user experience will include improvements to buttons and icons, content more responsive to tastes and interests, music and podcast resources, and recommendations.

The idea is that users have a much more efficient and personalized progression. when you want to listen to content similar to the one being played.

The same will happen When it comes to music, one of the big improvements is finding content that fits users’ music tastes faster.

So, for example, improved album recommendations or playlists. It is also easier to use the ‘Like’ or buttons to share relevant content with every user of the platform.

The same will happen in the music category, so that the content will more quickly adapt to the music tastes of the users. This way there will be improved album or playlist suggestions.

Moreover, it will be easier to use ‘Like’ to share relevant content with every user.

The company may also be considering reverting to its original design to accommodate preferences.

To continue using this option, simply press ‘X’ to exit these sections and return to the typical application interface.

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Source: Exame

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